Hsing I & Pa Kua
Hsing i & Pa Kua
Su Dong Chen's System
Hsing I & Pa Kua

Hsing I and Pa Kua - The brother and sister of Tai Chi 

Chinese Internal Martial Arts


The System The system taught is based on the teachings of Su Dong Chen and his system - "Essence of Evolution." It is his interpretation of hsing i chuan and pa kua chuan that he learnt as a young man under Hong Yi Xiang. Su Dong Chen has over the years developed, adapted and added much his own interpretation, style and thoughts to the systems, resulting in something distinct, different and practical.

The system still relies on form and partner practice to develop speed, power and body control. Like all internal arts the movements are relaxed and designed to improve movement and the release of tension. 
The system is practical and efficient. It can be learnt as a first martial art or to develop and improve skills in other martial arts. The system includes both striking and throwing but not ground grappling.

During practise light to medium of blows are encourage where appropriate and with the consent of the students.

Hong Yi Xiang

Su Dong Chen

The Club: The club has been running for about 10 years in Leicester, just outside Hinckley. The attitude is relaxed and open, where exploration of techniques and their practical application remains central.

The Instructor: Steve Kelsey has been training in martial arts for over 30 years, holding rank (dan grade) in karate, judo, aikido, jukendo, tankendo, kendo and jodo. He lived in Japan for nearly 10 years where he trained for the majority of that time with Su Dong Chen, as well as practising other systems. He still practises judo and teaches jukendo.  

Training Times:
Saturday 1630-1800  

For further information please contact me at: information@hsingi.co.uk


Hsing I & Pa Kua