Applied Internal Chinese Martial Arts

Hsing-i Chuan and Pa-Kua Chuan

Chinese internal martial art practice in Leicestershire, based on the teachings of Su Dong Chen and his Essence of Evolution system.

A practical and systematic method of martial arts that explores how movement, distance, timing and exquisite body control can be applied to unarmed combat and self-defence.

The system is ideally suited for those with some experience in martial arts and want to add another level of skill or dimension to their training.

Hsing-i Chuan (Xing yi quan) is one of the three main internal Chinese martial arts. The others are the very popular Tai-Chi Chuan and the much rarer Pa-Kua Chuan. Hsing-i Chuan relies on a relaxed and coordinated whole body energy to generate power. It is practiced at some speed and incorporates, strikes, throws and sweeping techniques.

Pa-Kua Chuna (bagua zhang) is another internal Chinese martial art. It is characterised by walking in small circles and spirally movements. It is a system that specialises in palm strikes, throws and sweeping techniques. It is a very esoteric system usually taught alongside the more straightforward hsing-i chuan.

The Practice

The classes are small, relaxed and aimed at improving your body control, techniques, speed and overall ability in striking, throwing and defence.

Steve Kelsey – mid form

Individual and paired practice to suit your body, attitude and experience.

About Steve Kelsey

Steve Kelsey has been training in martial arts for nearly 40 years, holding rank (dan grades) in karate, judo, aikido, jukendo, tankendo, kendo and jodo. He lived in Japan for 10 years where he trained with Su Dong Chen, as well as practised other martial systems. He still practises judo and jukendo.

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Hsing-i and Pa-Kua

Chinese internal martial art practice. For those with martial arts experience looking to add some new aspects and thinking to their training.

More classes coming soon.

4:00 pm – 6:00 pm